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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Park of Roses Wedding

Romeo & Juliet meets a modern Flower Child!

Our gorgeous Bride wanted her wedding flowers to be fun like the '60's era with the romance and feel of Romeo and Juliet. She opted for a delicate cascading bouquet with a watermelon color scheme. The playful dendrobium orchids were so graceful and the pink waxflower filled in the bouquet and smelled like lemons!

More fun with a watermelon color scheme! Roses were used in all the personal flowers to match the theme of the venue. FYI - All our Grooms receive a free spare boutonniere to ensure their bloom is always looking great for pictures. The Groom hugs a lot of people, which in turn can sometimes damage the delicate blooms. This is just one way we like to say - Thank You!

This gorgeous wedding took place in the Park of Roses in Clintonville, Ohio. The Bride was surrounded by an abundance of roses, in all colors and in full bloom. These two hearts greeted guests and the bridal party. These have been one of my favorite details this season!

Monday, August 23, 2010

BRUSSELS Flower Carpet

Every two years in August a great spectacular creation of floral art can be seen in Brussels, Belgium.  This years event began August 12th and these images are of the chosen design. This tradition began in 1971 when landscape architect E. Stautemans first started creating "rugs" made of begonias.
Approximately 300 begonia flowers, per square meter, are packed tightly together amongst sheets of turf grass. All together, 750,000 total flowers are laid out by 100 horticulturists in less than 4 hours! Talk about skill and determination - not to mention team work!
The final result is breathtaking. From this aerial view, it is astonishing to think those are clusters of individual begonia blossoms laid out by hand. What a gorgeous tapestry and spectacular bit of culture being showcased in Brussels. 

Supposedly E. Stautemans has traveled the world creating similar carpets, and there is mention on the official website that he has designed in Columbus, Ohio. How did I miss that?! I would love to hear about/see images from anyone lucky enough to have seen something like this in the states. If not, making the trek to Europe wouldn't be half bad one of these days. 

The official website for the event and its history can be found at: Brussels Flower Carpets

Monday, August 9, 2010


The secret is in the DETAILS

Recently I had a lovely Bride send me these STUNNING inspiration boards and I feel inclined to share their beauty. Even though all the photos are not of flowers - right away I can see her sense of style and the vision for her wedding. (Love those glamorous ladies draped by the gates!) It's the extra details she took the time to share with me that will truly make her vision come to life. Again, the secret to creating your ultimate wedding is in the DETAILS. 
I ask all our Brides to bring photos of the dresses and tuxes to the consultation. And color swatches are so very important! How many ways can you envision the color 'claret'? (Swatch please.) Also, we can quickly see your style in your invitations, save-the-dates and even the shoes you're wearing! I know that not every Bride has the time to make elaborate idea boards while juggling work, planning hotel accommodations for all those out-of-town guests, and somehow still having a social life - but even small clips out of magazines or that famous photo of you in your gown (now saved on your phone) standing in the mirror at the bridal boutique, is so very helpful for us. Our goal is to stylize your special day exactly as who you are as a couple and the little DETAILS are key. 
OK. One more because I love this style SO much! What I get out of these boards is that the Bride is a little bit Girlie, but still very confident and classy. She has a designers eye and appreciates fashion and clean lines. Her bouquet is truly her ultimate accessory and will compliment her gown with out even trying.  
We can't wait to design for this wedding!