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Thursday, November 11, 2010

NYC Flower District

 28th St Between 6th & 7th Ave.

It's been awhile since I've added to the blog, what with wedding after wedding (pics to come) and planning upcoming events, my inspiration has been a bit one dimensional. However this week has brought a fresh awakening - I've been cruising around NYNY and even though I got to sit front and center at Jimmy Fallon last night, I have to say going to the Flower District today has made the whole trip for me.
Wholesaler after wholesaler with lush and vibrant color choices. A designers dream! 
I have made some great contacts and can' t wait to start sourcing some very interesting things for our upcoming events.

Enjoy the photos and if you see something you're curious about let me know. I'd love to help you get a little closer to these beauties. 

I have been looking for a good succulent source for a while. So happy I found these guys totally willing to chat and chat some more about flowers.

Rows and rows of roses. There were some David Austin's so yummy looking I wanted to lick my fingers! 

The streets are lined with potted plants. Ornamental cabbage, juniper and cypress.

Heather and some oregano tucked in the side. 

Mokara Orchids in all colors. These vibrant yellow one's were exquisite.

Meet friendly shop kitty. 

Fresh mint, lavender, artichokes and figs.

More David Austin's.

Endless possibilites. Every available flower in the world is here. 

Fresh cotton. 

This shop was full of tree branches. Joe was right at home. 
*A little side note. If you're in the NY area make sure to go to the Clinton St. Baking company for breakfast, or breakfast for lunch or dinner. They have the most amazing blueberry pancakes with real maple butter syrup. I really was licking my fingers. (There will be a wait. It's worth it.)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Botany Class 101


While poking around in the front garden today I was reminded of one of the very first things I was taught in Horticulture school. And then I patted myself on the back for being big enough "nerd" to actually remember the term! Phototropism. This is the ability a plant has to grow toward a light source. It often results in twisty stems or a lopsided looking plant.  You may have noticed this in some of your houseplants and that is why it's good practice to rotate your foliage friends every once in a while, so they can have balanced exposure to sunlight. 

These anemones are just showing their faces out front and I had to bring some in the house. They have been trying to find sunlight at the bottom of our Spirea hedge and Kousa Dogwood tree. The natural curve of the stems is a very strong element of design and is the beginning of what Floral Designers call a Hogarth Curve or S-curve. It's this simple kind of beauty that really brightens my day. Enjoy!:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Blue Bouquet

Blue Flowers
I get a lot of requests for "blue" blooms, which can be a bit challenging! So I thought I'd do a piece on blue flowers and when they are available.

This is our most recent bouquet and wow did I enjoy putting this beauty together.  It consists of blue Delphinium (this variety is Volkenfrieden, which is a very vibrant, bright blue) and baby blue hydrangeas. The blue blooms are accented with ivory roses and freesia, which has a wonderful peppery scent. Seeded eucalyptus foliage rounds out the bouquet with its blue/gray leaves that make a nice quaking sound when shook. The flowers in this bouquet are generally available year round. 

Our gorgeous toss bouquet complimented the Bridal Bouquet very well!

 A few delphinium sprigs were just the right touch to line the aisle.

A mixed bouquet of garden blue flowers.

The tall blooms worked well with the scale of the Grand Atrium at Franklin Park. 

Although the hydrangeas are white, the seeded eucalyptus foliage casts a bluish hue, which kept with the Brides theme, while adding an extremely romantic flair. 

Here are some additional Blue Blooms you may find helpful:
The top left picture is Tweedia, a small delicate bloom that works nicely for boutonnieres - it is generally available May-August. The top right photo is Agapanthus, a large open flower with a striking personality. This flower grows freely in California and is generally available year round. 

The top two photos are of Blue Coneflower, sometimes called "blue lettuce" which is a wildflower here in Ohio. You can see these beauties growing on the side of the road mid summer. The middle, left photo is of Eryngium (or thistle) and it is a very masculine bloom. Some varieties are available year round, however it is more seasonable in mid summer.

The middle, right photo is of Viburnum dentatum. It is an Ohio Native and its berries are at peak in August and September. The bottom, left photo is a charming Anemone. I get a lot of requests for this gems, but their window of availability is sadly very small. Brides in early spring and late fall can look forward to the possibility of holding these darlings. 

These are the most common Blue Blooms seen on the market. There are some flowers that lean on the purple side, that can work well as filler for Blue. Some of these are veronica, larkspur and status. There is a blue rose on the market, however it is not genuine and often looks over saturated. If you're thinking of going Blue contact us today! We have tons of ideas waiting for you! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Park of Roses Wedding

Romeo & Juliet meets a modern Flower Child!

Our gorgeous Bride wanted her wedding flowers to be fun like the '60's era with the romance and feel of Romeo and Juliet. She opted for a delicate cascading bouquet with a watermelon color scheme. The playful dendrobium orchids were so graceful and the pink waxflower filled in the bouquet and smelled like lemons!

More fun with a watermelon color scheme! Roses were used in all the personal flowers to match the theme of the venue. FYI - All our Grooms receive a free spare boutonniere to ensure their bloom is always looking great for pictures. The Groom hugs a lot of people, which in turn can sometimes damage the delicate blooms. This is just one way we like to say - Thank You!

This gorgeous wedding took place in the Park of Roses in Clintonville, Ohio. The Bride was surrounded by an abundance of roses, in all colors and in full bloom. These two hearts greeted guests and the bridal party. These have been one of my favorite details this season!

Monday, August 23, 2010

BRUSSELS Flower Carpet

Every two years in August a great spectacular creation of floral art can be seen in Brussels, Belgium.  This years event began August 12th and these images are of the chosen design. This tradition began in 1971 when landscape architect E. Stautemans first started creating "rugs" made of begonias.
Approximately 300 begonia flowers, per square meter, are packed tightly together amongst sheets of turf grass. All together, 750,000 total flowers are laid out by 100 horticulturists in less than 4 hours! Talk about skill and determination - not to mention team work!
The final result is breathtaking. From this aerial view, it is astonishing to think those are clusters of individual begonia blossoms laid out by hand. What a gorgeous tapestry and spectacular bit of culture being showcased in Brussels. 

Supposedly E. Stautemans has traveled the world creating similar carpets, and there is mention on the official website that he has designed in Columbus, Ohio. How did I miss that?! I would love to hear about/see images from anyone lucky enough to have seen something like this in the states. If not, making the trek to Europe wouldn't be half bad one of these days. 

The official website for the event and its history can be found at: Brussels Flower Carpets

Monday, August 9, 2010


The secret is in the DETAILS

Recently I had a lovely Bride send me these STUNNING inspiration boards and I feel inclined to share their beauty. Even though all the photos are not of flowers - right away I can see her sense of style and the vision for her wedding. (Love those glamorous ladies draped by the gates!) It's the extra details she took the time to share with me that will truly make her vision come to life. Again, the secret to creating your ultimate wedding is in the DETAILS. 
I ask all our Brides to bring photos of the dresses and tuxes to the consultation. And color swatches are so very important! How many ways can you envision the color 'claret'? (Swatch please.) Also, we can quickly see your style in your invitations, save-the-dates and even the shoes you're wearing! I know that not every Bride has the time to make elaborate idea boards while juggling work, planning hotel accommodations for all those out-of-town guests, and somehow still having a social life - but even small clips out of magazines or that famous photo of you in your gown (now saved on your phone) standing in the mirror at the bridal boutique, is so very helpful for us. Our goal is to stylize your special day exactly as who you are as a couple and the little DETAILS are key. 
OK. One more because I love this style SO much! What I get out of these boards is that the Bride is a little bit Girlie, but still very confident and classy. She has a designers eye and appreciates fashion and clean lines. Her bouquet is truly her ultimate accessory and will compliment her gown with out even trying.  
We can't wait to design for this wedding! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A very colorful wedding!

Creekside Wedding - Happy Flowers!

I truly love it when a bride wants to represent her family and the people most important to her in her bouquet. For this bridal bouquet our lovely Bride wanted flowers from her entire bridal party present.

The Bridesmaids carried gorgeous purple calla lilies. The Bride wanted some extra special ribbon treatment on the handles!

The Junior Bridesmaids carried charming Gerber daisy posies. 

The Groomsmen matched the Bridesmaids with more gorgeous Purple callas made by our talented Kim!

OFA Convention

Ohio Floriculture Association

Every year people from all over the world meet up in Central Ohio for the annual Ohio Floriculture Association conference.  I always feel so inspired with new ideas after attending this week long event! 

How fun is this - talk about impact! Dozens of bud vases filled with bold colors and very happy flowers greeted us at the registration table. It hung under an arch of calla lilies and mesh wire. It definitely drew us in!

Kim and I attended several Floral Design workshops and we especially loved this design by Bill Taylor, AIFD. The pitcher plant, although a rather masculine flower, seems so graceful in this design. This would work really well on the front  desk of a hotel lobby or as a centerpiece in a doctors office.

We also found a vendor for the most charming miniature orchids plants! These would be excellent wedding favors. 2" mini blooming plants for your guests to remember your special day! Contact us today for details. 

Monday, June 7, 2010


Succulents, Pitcher Plant & Peonies
 I had so much fun last week with a very special arrangement.
I had a request for a vibrant centerpiece using bright pinks and oranges. 
Instead of using only fresh cut flowers, I incorporated living succulent plants (Sempervivum tectorum) and Kalanchoe plants which add an incredible amount of texture. I'm amazed how important texture is for color and unity. 
I love adding unexpected elements like the fun and handsome Pitcher Plant! (Top, right corner white flower with red veins.) I can't help but think Little Shop of Horror's: "Feed me Seymore!" Although it looks nothing like that plant from the cult classic, it has just as much personality and intrigue. The peonies bring back the charming girlie side and round out the arrangement. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010


A French Inspired Bridal Bouquet

I absolutely adore all things French. From classic Provencal meals, to the rustic country side and of course the luscious gardens and floral displays, I often find myself smiling and full. One thing the French are famous for is monochromatic designs and simple elegance. I love how timeless and romantic an all white bouquet is. When everything is left to texture and form - I am enchanted!

This bouquet looks like the flowers were gathered straight out of a French garden. Beautiful garden roses, tulips, fragrant stock and lilies and hints of mini variegated pittosporum leaves exemplifies the love and lust of a Paris evening.                          

The subtle gray/blue ribbon gives a wonderful contrast to the cream and white blooms. It is understated yet bold and the perfect end to this charming bouquet!