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Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's true. This is my first official Blog. Even as a newbie I hope I can show you my passion for art, floral design and the natural world. Yes, Floral Designer for weddings and special events is my job title, but there is a whole world beyond that which drives my passion to do what I do. I look forward to sharing my personal discoveries with you and hearing your feedback.

As a designer I am inspired by things conventional and not. Fashion, music, the rain hitting my window, roadtrips and the laughter of friends are just a few. I like to collect these moments of discovery as if they were bouquets of flowers. What would this moment look like: it's form, color, texture, smell if I could put it in a vase and stare at it all afternoon?

Flowers are a part of my every day life and I know that is a luxury for many. I am fortunate to see gorgeous blooms and smell their beauty and watch them change from very small and tight to hanging dried on my studio ceiling. Even if you're unable to have a gorgeous bouquet of peonies at your bedside every morning to help awaken you, I believe we can still appreciate the essence of flowers in our daily lives. In the dead of winter, I am still struck by the elegant structure of last seasons hydrangea blooms dried and blowing in the wind in my front garden. They have lost their color, but their shell is strong and still singing songs to me.

Ok. Thanks for reading. I have many ideas and things to share with you. More to come soon.

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