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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Local Art Auction benefiting
Nationwide Children's Hospital
The Joni

We had the unique opportunity to work with Columbus Independent Design  yesterday at the Whole Foods Market in Dublin. Heather Colbary of CID has built an amazing platform for local artist to showcase their work and be recognized for their incredible talents. At the silent auction there were metal sculptures, gorgeous paintings, drawings, photography and handmade bags and jewelry. A big THANK YOU to Heather for inviting us out for the festivities and acknowledging Floral Design as a recognized art form. That truly means so much to me!

Sweet Jane

It was so fun to play around for this event. I used certified organic roses and locally grown, fresh cut stems for some of the arrangements. Heather asked that I name each piece, which is something I'm not used to doing but I really felt like the arrangements lived up to their names! Each one named after a woman in history that is an inspiration to me, and well, the Velvet Underground. 

Lady Amelia

I was really blown away by all the local talent.  Spread the word about CID (they have a great site you can purchase art directly from) and support our local artists! Mark your calendars for May 22nd for the next show! It will be an outdoor event in Upper Arlington. I will let you know more details as they arise. 

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Columbus Independent Design said...

Bella Floral Design,

The arrangements were so very beautiful, can't wait to see what creations you'll bring to our May 22nd event!

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