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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Botany Class 101


While poking around in the front garden today I was reminded of one of the very first things I was taught in Horticulture school. And then I patted myself on the back for being big enough "nerd" to actually remember the term! Phototropism. This is the ability a plant has to grow toward a light source. It often results in twisty stems or a lopsided looking plant.  You may have noticed this in some of your houseplants and that is why it's good practice to rotate your foliage friends every once in a while, so they can have balanced exposure to sunlight. 

These anemones are just showing their faces out front and I had to bring some in the house. They have been trying to find sunlight at the bottom of our Spirea hedge and Kousa Dogwood tree. The natural curve of the stems is a very strong element of design and is the beginning of what Floral Designers call a Hogarth Curve or S-curve. It's this simple kind of beauty that really brightens my day. Enjoy!:)

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