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Monday, June 7, 2010


Succulents, Pitcher Plant & Peonies
 I had so much fun last week with a very special arrangement.
I had a request for a vibrant centerpiece using bright pinks and oranges. 
Instead of using only fresh cut flowers, I incorporated living succulent plants (Sempervivum tectorum) and Kalanchoe plants which add an incredible amount of texture. I'm amazed how important texture is for color and unity. 
I love adding unexpected elements like the fun and handsome Pitcher Plant! (Top, right corner white flower with red veins.) I can't help but think Little Shop of Horror's: "Feed me Seymore!" Although it looks nothing like that plant from the cult classic, it has just as much personality and intrigue. The peonies bring back the charming girlie side and round out the arrangement. 

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Blue Fox said...

What a stroke of genius to use the pitcher plant - that is absolutely stunning with the red veins against the pale colour. I am with you on the Sempervivum, I have over 100 different named varieties and many others that are un-labeled that never fail to take my breath away. They're so much fun to plant in different ways, like mosaics, and for using in bouquets and flower arrangements.

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